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Start Asking Better Questions w/ Family & Friends Table Topics

Great conversations don't just happen. They start with a great question. Too often we stay silent and miss opportunities to converse and learn about each other


Crissy Butts- Happiness Coach



My name is Crissy Butts I am a Happiness Coach and Family Team-Building Educator. I love to generously share tools and resources with busy moms and dads to improve their mental resiliency so they can shine bright as parents and create more fun in the home.


Because I have lost several family members and friends to the tragedies of addictions, self destructive behaviors, divorce and suicide, my work is heart centered and motivated by them.


My works include Amazon International Bestseller:

  • You Choose Your Path
  • The Sunshine Strategy
  • 21 Day Happiness Challenge
  • Workplace Power Hour
  • The Family Power Hour
  • (Coming soon) You Are Made to Shine Bright

It’s true, I lived in Alaska in a one room cabin with 4 young boys with no running water and an outhouse. (Believe it or not, these were some of the happiest days of our life, it was so simple!) My husband and I started a limousine company which in 5 years was awarded the national mid-size company of the year by Limo Digest. Unfortunately, the business nearly cost our marriage and family, and in my int'l bestselling book, You Choose Your Path, you can learn what we did to salvage our family. I encourage men and women to "Be careful what your wish for."


Married 31+ years to eternity to the love of my life, mom to 5 and mimi to 16. 

My Services

Team-Building Programs: (Digital & Tangible)

The Workplace Power Hour Team Building Program

Digital &Tangible

The Family Power Hour Team Building Program

Digital &Tangible


You Choose Your Path

50 Ways to Strengthen Family in 50 Days

Terrific Table Topics Menus

Family & Friends

A great resource for starting open ended conversations that last longer than 5 seconds and help you get to know the people you love the most.


The Workplace

As we share in healthy dialogs and get to know colleagues, it opens trust and understanding. These healthy conversation starters increase unity in the workplace.


Family History

A fantastic tool to bond multi-generations in discussions of the past, present and future. When we know more about our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, we learn more about ourselves.

Some of My Recent Work

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Customer Testimonials

Books, Programs, Trainings, Coaching

"I recommend you read, You Choose Your Path, -very inspirational." -Hank Moore, Speaker/Author

Hank Moore, 7x Hall of Famer

"A very courageous open window into her soul. Her passion for compassion inspires us all. Her work, and life are noble, good and important." -Mark Kistler, Emmy Award Educator

MarkKistler, Emmy Award Winning Educator

"From the moment I opened this book I was totally absorbed. I found the story and experiences totally engaging. This truly is a must read. I requested additional copies the next day so that I could pass it on to friends. Thank you Crissy for your insights and inspiration!" -Rory Aplanalp, Transformational Speaker

Rory Aplanalp, Transformational Speaker

"The Family Power Hour is a perfect resource for our Dads." (Ordered 150 for dads returning to their families after prison.)

Tammie Eppley, POPS Program

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Crissy Butts, Happiness Coach & Family Team-Builder 



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